RZDESIGN – Illustrations, Games, Web, UI & other work by Ricardo de Zoete Ricardo de Zoete - RZDESIGN - UI/UX Designer & Illustrator



My Skills

  • UI/UX Design 100%
  • Illustrations 100%
  • Interfacing 100%
  • Digital Media (Web/App) Design 100%
  • Game Designer 95%
  • Offline (Print) Media 95%

Who am I?

Hello there! My name is Ricardo de Zoete, also known as RZDESIGN on the web. I am currently 25 years old and active as an interface (UI/UX) designer, illustrator, game designer, visual (duh!) designer and a litte bit of 3d artist. As you might realise, I am in love with everything that has to do something with design. My passion lies with creating innovative and visual attractive interfaces, video games and illustrations!

Besides RZDESIGN I also work as a Senior Visual Designer at Mirabeau, a Dutch internet company that creates new online solutions/websites for exciting big companies which are well known in the Netherlands. I work here 4 days/week and all the spare time I have left besides that I work on my own projects and sometimes freelance projects.